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Reminder: IAML European Chapter Annual Award For Young Family Lawyers

Dear European Fellow

IAML Young European Lawyer Essay Award

Please publicise among your younger colleagues that the deadline for the essay is 30th November. The winner gets €1,000 prize money and free attendance at the Crete conference in April 2012. We hope to have a lot of reading to do!

Many thanks

William Longrigg
President, IAML European Chapter



Last year the European Chapter of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers ("IAML") established an essay writing award for young family lawyers to be awarded on an annual basis.  2011 was the first year and was a great success.  The Award aims to promote research and excellence among young family lawyers and to increase awareness among other legal professionals of the work and objectives of the IAML.


The Award consists on an annual basis of a prize sum of €1,000 to the author of the winning essay.  The Award will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the European Chapter to be held in Crete, Greece from 18-22 April 2012. The winning essay will be announced approximately three months prior to that meeting.

The winning author will also receive a travel bursary of up to €2,000 to allow him/her to attend the meeting to include travel expenses.


A selection panel of the European Chapter will be responsible for the selection of the winning essay. 

The winning essay will be selected according to originality, the importance and complexity of the legal issues involved, the relevance of the subject matter to the IAML, any research undertaken and the structure, writing style and presentation. 

Subject Matter

The essay will address a topic of relevance to the IAML and European family lawyers, typically with an international dimension and/or an analysis of recent or planned developments. 

This year's topic will be

Outlines for a draft EU Regulation for a brave new world : harmonised matrimonial finance’ : If you were responsible for drafting such a regulation, what elements would you see as fundamental to that exercise and, in particular, how would you solve the conceptual difficulty of harmonising divergent cultural approaches to the issue of spousal maintenance so as to maximise the prospects for Europe-wide support?

The essay should be not less than 2,000 words and should not exceed 3,000 words in length (excluding footnotes), preferably in English, although essays written in a language other than English will also be welcomed. 


The author of the essay must be a qualified practising family lawyer of up to ten years qualification and/or experience and be a citizen of any European country.


The winning essay will be published on the IAML website and also in the IAML Newsletter. 

The entry should not have been published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere, although can subsequently be published elsewhere with appropriate reference to the IAML.

The invitation to apply will be published on the IAML website and all Fellows of the European Chapter will receive a notice to circulate details and highlight awareness of the Award in their respective jurisdictions. 

Time Deadlines

The essays for consideration in respect of the first annual award should be submitted no later than 30 November 2011.

Submissions should be sent electronically to Donna Goddard of the IAML at

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